Social Media Validation. Really?

“That validation isn’t real.” They said.

And yet, we all know how this game plays out.

This one’s for all those who feel the need to be socially accepted or celebrated. I know you feel that your self-esteem hinges on how your image is being perceived by your followers, and I also know that you’ll outright deny it. It’s okay – for the longest time, I did too. But once you put something out there for the world to see, your work is pretty much done, right? Then what’s the compulsive need of worrying about the reception or comments, alongside showcasing a life that you know isn’t as perfect as you’re making it look like? I know you think all this sounds oddly sanctimonious on my part, so let me lay it out for you a bit better –

Did I ever take up ‘auto follower subscriptions’ for boosting up the reach of my artwork page? Of course I did. Did I ever send out messages to most people on my friend-list to like my entry in a photography competition so that I could win? Of course I did. Did I ever get a bit too cosy with someone & post it on social media, so that I could rub it into an ex-flame’s face? Of course I did. Who didn’t? And who didn’t at least consider it? We’ve all been there – the phase where we’re nothing but a collection of broken fragments, waiting to be pulled together as one whole entity again. We’re allowed to make mistakes. We’re allowed to be stupid. We’re humans – our entire learning curve hinges on making mistakes and falling a great many times until we’re at the top of that ladder.

It’s nothing but a constant reminder that your life DOES NOT need to be ‘perfect’ by someone else’s standards, it just needs to be ‘okay’ by yours. Period. So the next time you’re considering being a tad bit stupid & posting something being your usual self on social media, but are considering three rounds of filtering & censoring to ensure it meets some random judgemental prick’s standards, ask yourself this – do they really deserve the amount of power you’re giving them over you by allowing them to get into your head?

“Thou shall not feed the troll.”

You know what I usually do? I look sideways, and lightly fling my arms around in thin air, hoping to capture something. You know what I do capture in my hands by the end of it all? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Nada. And that, collectively, is the total number of f*cks I give to judgemental pricks sitting on their high horses on the other side. It’s high time you should too. If I’m confident about myself as a person, I’m well within my rights to display any facet of myself in any way I want, nothing holding me back. So when I want to be stupid, or completely wacky – its because I’m choosing to do that and giving them something to laugh about, and it isn’t to their credit that they stumbled upon something amusing. Bottomline, I can post an amusing bathtub selfie for your laughs by daytime, and still butcher you in pretty much every single intellectual argument you can hope to have in the corporate professional space by nighttime. So do you still think you get to decide how my life plays out? Umm, I really doubt that.

Be yourself. Be stupid. Be crazy. Be wacky as hell. Go all out! Your Insta profile or your Snap history isn’t your life, it’s a mere reflection. Whether you’re keeping it professional or a laugh-it-out extravaganza, it’s completely for you to decide how you want to showcase it. And if someone tries to tell you otherwise, you know what to do. Chop, chop, chop. xD


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