Harry Potter Tribute Series

Fellow Potterheads & Non-Potterheads as well, I put myself through a 24 hour challenge to design artwork for all 7 titles in the Harry Potter saga on my page – yep, digital paintings/artwork that try to recapture the magic of the widely loved phenomenon. It came out way better than I was expecting, so do check it out and let me know what you think! 😉

Philosopher’s Stone


Artwork: Harry Potter #1
Philosopher’s Stone.
Full Series at #PotterDesignSeriesPP


Chamber of Secrets


Artwork: Harry Potter #2
Chamber of Secrets.
Full Series at #PotterDesignSeriesPP


Prisoner of Azkaban


Artwork: Harry Potter #3
Prisoner of Azkaban.
Full Series at #PotterDesignSeriesPP


Goblet of Fire


Artwork: Harry Potter #4
Goblet of Fire.
Full Series at #PotterDesignSeriesPP


Order of the Phoenix


Artwork: Harry Potter #5
Order of the Phoenix.
Full Series at #PotterDesignSeriesPP


Half-Blood Prince


Artwork: Harry Potter #6
Half-Blood Prince.
Full Series at #PotterDesignSeriesPP


Deathly Hallows


Artwork: Harry Potter #7
Deathly Hallows.
Full Series at #PotterDesignSeriesPP


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